Toe Puffs and Counters

Thermoplastic toe puffs and counters

Our group offers a great variety of toe puffs and counters with base of fabric or felt (non woven), of different characteristics such as hardness (rigid, semi rigid, flexible) and in different thickness.

Our products will be able to adapt to any type of upper material (fabrics, plastics, leathers, including oily leathers, which are going to be used in the manufacturing processes.

Our range cover every kind of shoes.

Dipping solvent for Toe Puffs and Counters.

Dipping solvent material that can be used both as toe-puff or counter for all kind of shoes.

These materials have a base of 100% new fiber needle punch non-woven compacted with a special kind of glue, in order to achieve the qualities required such as hardness, flexibility, etc.

This item is applied by means of impregnation solvents which once evaporated give as result high quality toe-puffs and counters.